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Seizing the opportunities in crypto and digital assets requires developing and maintaining very specific expertise and also being fully engaged in active portfolio management.


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Digital Assets Invest ETI

The Digital Assets Invest ETI certificate is aimed at all types of European investors. It is one of the first cryptocurrency-based and actively managed certificates available in France.

Cryptocurrencies have enabled “early adopters” to achieve exceptional returns since their creation in 2010. It is now more complex to understand this universe without support.

Why a certificate?

  • It is one of the only financial vehicles that allows secure access via a traditional market place and can be purchased like a share or a bond via a securities or broker account.
  • Accessible to all, with a relatively low initial investment.


Quick and easy exposure to the world of Crypto.

Buy/Sell cryptos

We offer direct purchase/sale, "over the counter" with a welcome and personalized service for individuals and also for companies:

  • You are a crypto novice, you want to acquire your first BTC but you lack the availability to open an online account, analyze the market, train yourself in trading...
  • You simply prefer Service and a Human relationship.
  • You wish to carry out an OTC transaction.

Crypto portfolio management

Our mission: to support professionals and individuals in their investments in crypto-assets.

Adapted to your profile

After having defined your expectations and objectives together, we develop a strategy adapted to your profile. Your portfolio, once constituted, is actively managed by a pair of managers assisted by a team of analysts.

We accompany you throughout your life course and adapt, if necessary, the strategy to your new needs.

A customer area to track your investment

It allows you to follow the daily value of your portfolio as well as to consult the history of our exchanges and all the arbitrations that have been carried out: A completely transparent, simple and efficient service.

Accompany you and advise you in all your steps

Whether it is for an update of your management mandate, a question concerning your tax declarations, a new ICO, an update of the Consensus of your favorite crypto: We strive to anticipate and are available for you 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Entrust us with the management of your crypto portfolio

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